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On Site Immunizations 


Influenza or "Flu"
The loss of productivity from influenza is staggering.  According to World Health Organization, the cost of influenza epidemics to the US economy is somewhere between $ 71-167 billion per year.  Additional impacts from the Flu:

  *  Each year between 5% & 20% get the Flu in the US.

  *  More than 200,000 hospitalizations & 36,000 deaths per year. 

  *  31 Million outpatient visits

  *  $10.6 Billion in medical costs

  *  Lost earnings at more than $16 Billion

DOT drug Screening, DHHS Drug Testing, Mandated Drug Screening, Random Drug Testing Oxford, MS
Alcohol use in Workforce, Employment Drug Testing in Oxford, MS

Corporate Wellness Program

The Company Nurse helps to keep America working by designing and implementing a variety of wellness programs that are focused on early detection and prevention of illness.  A healthy workforce is more productive and cost effective.  Every client has different needs; consequently, all of our programs are individually developed and customized to achieve your company's goals. We can support your company with everything from annual employee health fairs to regularly scheduled office hours at your place of business.





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Drug Testing, Employment Drug Testing in Oxford, MS
Drug Testing, Employment Drug Testing in Oxford, MS